The top 10 most common mistakes made by personal injury clients in an independent medical examination (IME):

by Brad Burke, MD  © 2017


  1. Arriving late.

  2. Forgetting to bring a medication list.

  3. Rambling and not providing direct answers to questions posed by the examiner.

  4. Failing to divulge pre-accident injuries/disorders/pain.

  5. Guessing at answers to questions.

  6. Ranking current pain 10/10 (worst pain imaginable) while effortlessly carrying out a normal conversation with the examiner.

  7. Failing to provide a good effort during the physical examination.

  8. Continuously groaning, grunting, or grimacing with every movement/touch.

  9. Demonstrating anger or hostility toward the examiner.

  10. Not reading the IME report afterward to check for factual errors.

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