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The Reader's Ace began as a collaboration between a husband and wife in a part of Michigan known as "Horse Country". Years of shared medical training and clinic work frequently spilled out into dinner conversations (to odd stares from their young children). From these therapeutic dialogues came the idea that a medical self-help book could be both informative and highly engaging--even downright captivating!  Imagine, a concise little book that would give the reader the edge, the "upper hand" as it were, in the showdowns of life.


After all, who wants to stay up all night reading a stuffy textbook till their eyes cross? 


Not Dr. Brad. 

Dr. Brad Burke is an author and medical specialist, board certified in both Canada and the United States. After completing hundreds of independent medical examinations (IMEs), Dr. Brad noticed that many individuals arriving for their first assessment had little idea of what to expect. Many were anxious. Some were confused. A handful were

quite angry. The majority were simply not adequately prepared, and showed in their performance. This need shaped the groundbreaking book, 8 Secrets to a Better Independent Medical Examination.


And as Paul Harvey, the late American radio broadcaster, would say, “Now you know the rest of the story…”

Dr Brad Burke

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8 Secrets to a Better Independent Medical Examination

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