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8 Secrets to a Better Independent Medical Examination

Independent Medical Examination

Gain the upper hand and enhance your confidence for that pivotal IME.  This handy, easy-to-read 32-page booklet offers valuable tips and key insights that will help you perform your best on the IME.  


"What is this IME I'm supposed to have?  What should I wear?   What questions will I be asked?  How should I respond if certain maneuvers cause me pain in the physical exam?  How can I be best prepared?"  


This book answers all these questions (and more), providing you with the secrets to getting a better independent medical examination. 


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Independent medical examination

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Tips for your Independent Medical Examination

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Tips for a better independent medical exam

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Practical ways to improve your Independent Medical Examination

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Dr. Brad Burke

About the Author

Dr. Brad Burke is a board-certified medical specialist in the U.S. and Canada who has expertise and experience completing independent medical examinations.  He is a graduate of Queen's University Medical School, and the UCLA/VA Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation residency program.

8 Secrets to a Better Independent Medical Examination

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