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8 Secrets to a Better Independent Medical Examination


Boost your confidence and be better prepared for your IME with this easy to read 32-page pocket-size book containing valuable insight and advice from an experienced medical specialist.

"What is this IME I'm supposed to have?  Why has my lawyer or insurance company requested it?  What should I wear?  What questions will I be asked?  How should I respond if certain maneuvers cause me pain in the physical exam?  How can I be best prepared?"  

This book answers all these questions (and more), providing you with the secrets to getting a better independent medical examination.   

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Dr. Brad Burke

About the Author

Dr. Brad Burke is a board-certified medical specialist in the U.S. and Canada who has expertise and experience completing independent medical examinations.  He is a graduate of Queen's University Medical School, and the UCLA/VA Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation residency program.