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Q:  What is the retail price of 8 Secrets to a Better Independent Medical Examination?

Softcover - $6.95; eBook - $4.95 (US dollars). Retailers such as Amazon may sell for less.


Q.  What is the size of 8 Secrets to a Better Independent Medical Examination?

The softcover book is 7 x 4.25 inches, 32 pages, vibrant color cover & interior, including clipart, and printed on high-quality paper.


Q.  How long does it take to read?

It should take most readers 20-40 minutes, depending on their reading speed. The writing style is engaging, and overall the text is easy to read at a high school reading level.


Q.  Can I read a sample chapter?

To read Secret #6, click here. To read the book's introduction, go to Amazon and click on the book cover "Look inside".


Q.  Is there a helpful glossary of terms used in IME reports?

Absolutely! We have compiled a list of terms and their definitions: click here.


Q.  The book includes an optional medical history form to complete in preparation for the IME. Can I download it?

Yes! Click here.  


Q.  Where can I buy single copies and eBooks? 

Single copies of the book can be purchased from Amazon.  (Buy single copy).  The Kindle version (eBook) is also available from Amazon. 


Q.   Why are the books on this site only sold in multiples of 50?

To greatly simplify logistics and keep our bulk prices low (in some cases below wholesale cost), we decided to package 100 books per carton. In our experience, most firms/ companies/ clinics require at least 50 copies at once due to the large number of clients attending IMEs. Click on "Contact us" to buy bulk copies.


Q.   Can I pay in Canadian currency?

Please contact us for options.


Q.  Will I be charged a foreign transaction fee?

Possibly. If your business is located outside the United States, your credit card company might charge you a foreign transaction fee (likely 1-3%) on top of the currency exchange rate. This usually shows up as a separate charge on your statement. We recommend you check with your credit card company on this question.


Q.  Is there duty charged on books shipped to Canada?

Not if you buy through our store. We do charge and collect the 5% GST (tax) and take care of all brokerage fees on all orders shipped to Canada (there is no provincial tax on books). By employing this method, we avoid the need for you to pay the GST and extra fees when your books arrive. For the United Kingdom, the VAT for books is 0%.


Q.  If we pay and are invoiced in US dollars, how can we calculate the GST in Canadian dollars for our records?

The easiest way is to look at your credit card statement. Take the transaction amount (T) in Canadian dollars, and use this equation: GST = T x 0.04762 (round to the nearest cent).


Q.  How is my credit card information kept secure?

We do not store your credit card information after processing your order. Click on "Contact us" for more information on how to order bulk copies.


Q.   Am I guaranteed a fair independent medical examination if I read this book?

It is never guaranteed that you will receive a fair or better IME. However, this concise little book is packed with valuable advice and tips that will boost your confidence and give you the best shot at obtaining a better IME report.


Q.  Who printed the books? And from where are the books shipped?

8 Secrets to a Better Independent Medical Examination is published by us, The Reader’s Ace, LLC. Bulk orders through this website are shipped directly from our company located in Metamora, MI, USA. This location is close to US/Canada border, making it ideal for shipments to Canada as well.


Q.  How are the books shipped?

Usually, orders to the USA are shipped by either USPS or UPS Ground. Orders to Canada are generally shipped by Canada Post or FedEx Ground International. Orders to the UK and other select countries will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail International.   


Q.  Can I have the books shipped to a PO Box?

Generally, you cannot. However, flat-rate shipping to a street address anywhere in Canada or the U.S., for any size order, is only $15 USD. For other questions concerning shipping, please contact us.


Q.  Can I book an IME appointment with Dr. Burke?

Due to the large number of requests for IMEs, and a long waitlist, Dr. Burke now only completes IMEs at the request of a select number of law firms and a few third-party vendors who arrange IMEs.


Q.  How will I receive an invoice?  

If you purchase the books in bulk from this website you will receive an invoice by email soon after your purchase.  On the invoice is also listed all our contact information.  


Q. Will this book help me get into law or medical school?

Wishful thinking. We recommend the blood, sweat, and tears method.


Q.  Is the book available in any other languages?

Not yet. However, we are considering adding Spanish and Arabic in future publications.


Q.  What is the story behind the making of this book?

Click here to read our story.



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